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Search for a dealer in Kentucky , find special lease programs and lease promotions. Car lease specials and promotions by city, State and vehicle make. We make it easy for you to find a dealer in Kentucky , near you, like a BMW dealer in Beverly Hills, California or a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Miami, Florida. Contact the dealer in Kentucky , near you and negotiate the desired vehicle options, lease payments, vehicle and manufacturers rebates. Negotiate your best deal, reach for a better car and price.

Kentucky LEASE SPECIALS on LeaseTrader.com: Cars in Kentucky

2016 Mercedes-Benz C300 Sedan LT 279442
2016 Mercedes-Benz Lease Location: Fort Knox, Kentucky
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Gray
33 month lease
$565.03 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 25 city, 34 hwy
2017 Audi A3 Premium 2.0 TFSI LT 277187
2017 Audi Lease Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Category: Sedan
Exterior color: Black
13 month lease
$655.00 lease payment
Fuel efficiency: 24 city, 33 hwy
"I had a Budget of $400.00 per month and didn’t think I would be able to get anything, you guys offered me so many different vehicles under my price, why would any one go directly to a dealer?"
Christopher V. (CA)
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